ICD Multi I/O Board Manual (Rev 5/20/1987) Compatibility

Appendix C Compatibility Index

The following is a list of MODEM software which has been found to be incompatible with the MIO R: handler and our fix or solution to the problem.

TSCOPE by Joe Miller

TSCOPE was designed several years ago as a terminal program to support COMPUSERVE Vidtex (a trademark of COMPUSERVE) file transfer protocol. It only works with the 850 (not the Atari direct connect MODEMs) and is used by many COMPUSERVE subscribers. Joe Miller has graciously modified TSCOPE into RSCOPE which will now support the P:R: Connection and the MIO, as well as the 850. RSCOPE is in the public domain and available for downloading from various boards including our ICD BBS (815/968-2229).

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